The Education Justice Alliance (EJA) is made of parents, students and community-based organizations in Wake County working for a reduction in the number of public school students pushed off the academic track through unfair suspensions, harsh discipline policies, and academic failure. EJA is a non-partisan grassroots group that participates in community organizing, leadership development and civic engagement efforts.



EJA envisions a relationship-centered public school system that truly values parents and students as decision-makers and active agents of change. In this educational system, education is a human right and schools are safe, healthy and nurturing environments where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Schools prioritize the work of preventing trauma, repairing harm and promoting healing, and reject a culture of punishment and criminalization. Schools provide equitable resources, adopt culturally relevant curricula, and address racism and all forms of oppression. 



The Education Justice Alliance (EJA) works for an educational system that is effective, equitable, and inclusive. We promote racial, socio-economic, and gender equity. We seek to decrease unfair suspensions, expulsions, arrest, court referrals and to improve positive approaches to discipline that meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students.