1. We believe that an excellent public education is not only a civil right, but also a fundamental human right for all children and teens.

2. We believe that the primary purpose of public education is to prepare critical thinkers to participate in a strong democracy and to address pressing social problems.

3. We believe that public education needs radical, comprehensive change in order to fulfill this primary purpose while providing all students with an excellent education.

4.We believe that justice in education is related to creating racial, gender and socioeconomic justice in our communities.

5. We believe that public education has too often harmed students of color, immigrant students, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, and students living in poverty.

6. We believe that student and family groups who are the most harmed by oppressive policies and practices should have leadership roles in making positive change.

7. We believe that school teachers, administrators, and community members should commit to high quality training to address racism, classism, and other oppressions.

8. We believe that the achievement gap and school-to-prison pipeline are destroying lives and communities and that they must be dismantled.

9. We believe that school districts must implement positive approaches to discipline such as positive behavior and intervention supports (PBIS), conflict resolution, mediation, and restorative justice programs.

10. We believe that corporate-driven reforms that undermine sustainable public schools should be opposed.

11. We believe that collaboration and solidarity with organizations and people fighting for educational justice is an indispensible component of successful advocacy.

12. We believe that seeking to build bridges of mutual support and understanding between students, parents, and school staff is essential.